Alexkid Selected Dubs – We_Dubs (Vinyl Only)


We want to show our appreciation to Axel (aka Alexkid) on his new project on We_Dubs

I recall a conversation in the car when we collected Axel from the airport, the night he played back at doblar at the medicine bar, middlesbrough. He briefly mentioned the possibility of a dub album of this sort which, I thought was pretty cool at the time given the fact id already signed Syndicate Dub for the new Luna RecordsDubbed Out EP” alongside rogelio and James Hutchinson.

Then, months later I receive a message from Axel “I am doing a compilation of my fav dubs and going to release them on a double LP. I want maybe to include syndicate dub, would that be an option?” Well we all know whats coming…… Obviously!!!!

If you don’t know of alexkid then let us tell you.. Axel is master of house music who created Ablton packs such as “Instant Haus” and released music on labels; Rekids, Desolat, Cadenza, Cabin Fever, Freerange Luna Records and Supplement facts. He is the big boss man behind 510k creatives pushing new talent. You can also catch him playing regular slots at REX Club and Fuse and above all that he is an all round nice guy!

Axel has put together A collection of favourites, including limited and some previously unreleased Dubs You have to check it out. If you’re like me and obsessed with dubby sounds then this compilation is a must have in the the bag for that raw chuggy vibe… Proper Music

Huge Support by

Dyed Soundorom, Enzo Siragusa, Josh Wink, Radio Slave, tINI, Luciano, Archie Hamilton…

Sneak preview here

Pre sale





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