ILO’s reworks of New Musik and Grace Jones are secret weapons in many dj bags.
One of the hottest talent around.


You can hear the EP here  PRAYER EP


AME “Very nice record”
LAURENT GARNIER “This is brilliant. Another great release on the label ;-D)”
&ME “hiddenlanes bassline is killing me !!! what a tune”
RIPPERTON “Amazing EP!!! wow, all three cuts are fantastic. Big fan here”
DIGITALISM “Prayer and Hiddenlane are real nice!”
MANO LE TOUGH “These sound great”
SOLOMUN “Very nice”
ADRIATIQUE “Great Record”
CROOKERS “sick,my fave is Prayer!”
dOP “woo this on eis really great too !”
KYODAI “Put A Jack On It, good track for summer !!”
TRICKSKI “Really cool. ILO has got that early Trickski roughness that I loved so much. Fantastic!”
MATT KARMIL “I was in a terrible mood, but this cheered me right up ! Aiff or Wav links much appreciated – go ILO !!”
TECHNASIA “Really digging the vocal part of put a jack on it”
ROCCO “This Ep is Hot and every Tracks killing !!!!”
MICHEL CLEIS “Love it!!”
DAVE DK “I like Prayer, Hidden Lane has a nice groove too”
TENSNAKE “this is classy”
OPTIMO “New music from a long time favorite”
PETER KRUDER “Love all the tracks. Will play them”
GEL ABRIL “Bangers in here!”
SANDRINO “Put a Jack on it is great!”
BAIKAL “these all sound dope”
YOTTO “Prayer sounds fantastic & amazing grooves all over the EP!”
ROLAND APPEL “it’s very cool…love it !!”
AUDIOJACK “Put A Jack On It is right up our street… support!”
NUNO DOS SANTOS “Prayer & Hiddenlane are sick!”
CHRIS TODD “top draw, liking this a lot!”
CHRIS COCO “really like Put A Jack On It, what a crazy, groovy, sexy track!”
BROTHER’S VIBE “Strong EP! All around solid project”
CLAUDE MONNET “Amazing release again! 3 tracks are bombs”
MELON “Prayer is ace 🙂 can’t wait to play it”
WILLIAM DJOKO “Hellz yeah Rebrith on fire!!! Lumpy basslines and a gritty live feel to all these traxx. These are the vibes really diggin Hiddenlane atm, big up Ilo!”
MOUSSE T “So good!”
LUCA CAZAL “Absolute Bombs! Can i please have the wavs, perfect for my sets in dc10”


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