James Barnsley “Black Ice EP (inc. Laura Jones & Nightdrivers Remixes)” – Vessel Records


James Barnsley “Black Ice EP (inc. Laura Jones & Nightdrivers Remixes)” – Vessel Records (11-04-2016)

Quality release by James and once again delivers the goods with his arse shaking, no nonsense, non stop pushy grooves. If you don’t know of James and think he’s just a fly by night you’re very wrong indeed.. He’s a total grafter and been in the game since as long as I know from running / owning clubs such as Stinky’s Peephouse in Leeds which has been a solid club platform for the like of Back To Basics – The UK’s longest running weekly underground club night led by infamous front man Dave Beer and with residents Ralph Lawson, James Holroyd, Tristan Da Cunha, Burnski, Andrew Weatherall, Denney and of course James Barnsley Himself… God,’ I could hardly swallow there reeling off all them names ‘Ha.. anyhow enough about James, lets get down to the music and what’s good about it..

For the music (Original) i love the energy and bouncy feel to it… Really does make you want to jump out of your seat and start dancing… Or imagine yourself as a proper “Busy Bugger” on a mission fluttering through the Trafford centre at a million miles an hour in a search for Wagamama’s or is that just me? again, anyhow…. But yeah the track is a winner on the dance floor with that steady rolling groove – winner, winner, chicken dinner see what i done there 😉

For the music (Laura Jones Remix) – Well, where do I start, absolute bomb!! Laura needs no introduction and she is an all round great girl. Had the privilege of meeting her when we booked her for a party in Middlesbrough many moons ago and is great to see how far she’s come musically…This track is most certainly the pick out of the bunch for me personally I just find it REALLY motivating and driving but keeping that nice groovy cool edge with an good solid use of them vessel (Pardon the pun) and submarine samples that keep rolling throughout the track. Once again she produces upfront quality work!! Can’t Fault her!

Black Ice (Original) – is the more raw, sleazy cut out of the bunch and would work perfectly in any mid-set to carry on the party. Loving the tension drives and drops and mystical elements layered over the top – the whole track just builds and builds into some kind of sci-fi space shoot out – pppeeeeooouun, bloop, pwap, trigger trigger… Then the base just bounces along the top, clever stuff!

Black Ice (Nightdrivers Remix) – I didn’t even know about these guys until now if I’m being honest but after doing a little digging I found out it’s a Mass Prod and Rufus collaboration and see the two are from Berlin which really does make a lot of sense when you listen to this remix. Berlin being close to my heart with having half of my family situated there, I’ve learnt to understand how ‘Ze Germans think about music & techno and is commonly known as an art form which brings me to my point about this remix, it’s a piece of art! Perfect comparison for the release with them lovely deep bass stabs and rides but still keeps that groovy method going which vessel are all about.. Top work from these boys, I shall be following them from now on.

Track Review By Paul Bowen



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