Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana feat. Mykle Anthony – Contrasts

Now its no secret that I’m a huge fan of Owen & Melchoir’s music, Infact so much so i’ve worked with Owen twice on “Contrast-Wax” in both his “Gauss” Alias with Natan H & Alongside Melchoir, their music is brimming with soul, even when its straight down the line techno & the remixes here, from brothers Above smoke & Dubbyman of their contrasts track is no exception to that rule at all, on the Aside the first cut is from “Above Smoke” a lush piano driven, sultry affair, with a very subtle use of the vocal & then there’s the Bside with a remix from “Dubbyman” & In true dubbyman fashion, this is much more of a down tempo, after hours mix, warm pads, rolling percussions & a looped up vocal & coupled with the Aside, I think once again batti batti has done it with this 10″ if you’re a lover of the soulful side of house music, id strongly suggest you check this out.

available now on Juno records via the link below.




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