The Art Of The DJ – Documentary From Steve Lawler

Steve Lawler is one of the UK’s most long-standing and well-respected DJs. ‘The Art of the DJ’ is the story of Steve’s rise to the forefront of UK underground dance music and a 80-minute journey into a career which has spanned over two decades in the music industry. With help from peers such as Carl Cox, Darren Hughes, Danny Whittle, James Todd and Ben Turner, and through Steve’s friends and family, we discover the path leading to Steve Lawler’s status as one of the most truly influential DJs of our time.

‘The Art of the DJ’ is a brutally candid expose of Steve Lawler’s life which sees Steve opens up completely on his experiences of drugs and his self-proclaimed destruction of his reputation. It was evident from a young age that Steve would have a deep connection with electronic dance music and at 16, he experienced his first night and was immediately hooked. After countless attempts at normal day jobs from accountancy to butchery, Steve began to throw illegal parties in a tunnel under the M42 motorway and his love for partying resulted in him dealing narcotics casually. A brutal attack made Lawler re-think and re-evaluate, and ‘The Art of the DJ’ shows how Steve rebuilt his career from scratch.

It was Birmingham institution, Global Grooves records store which forged the foundation of Steve’s career. It was here that he pioneered the first Global Grooves tour which led to him cementing himself as one of the UK’s most promising new DJ talents. ‘The Art of the DJ’ explores Steve Lawler’s history as one of the original UK resident DJ’s. Before long, he was getting flown internationally for gigs which eventually led him to Ibiza.

Steve landed gigs at Cafe Mambo and was playing 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. Steve tells of the disappointment which followed, resulting in him almost selling off his beloved record collection before a phone call from clubland legend and Cream founder Darren Hughes changed his life. A residency at Cream meant Steve’s profile skyrocketed, eventually leading him towards a 9 year residency at Space in Ibiza, gaining him the notorious title as ‘King of the Terrace’. Carl Cox and others tell of Steve’s talent for rocking the now-historic Terrace in its heyday with his unique style – a sound that was unlike anything else on the island at the time.

With nostalgic footage of the Space Terrace and Cream and exclusive interviews from some of the UK’s leading figures in dance music, ‘The Art of the DJ’ has been two years in the making. As Steve’s Viva Music imprint celebrates in tenth year, ‘The Art of the DJ’ is a first-hand account of the ups and downs of Steve Lawler’s life. An extensive in-depth account of Steve Lawler’s twenty-three year career at the top of UK underground music, ‘The Art of the DJ’ explores Steve Lawler’s legacy to a now legendary period of dance music history.



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